About Extremely First Ventures

For Founders... 

If you're really looking for a venture firm made up of homogenous partners with generic promises, we have some bad news... Extremely First Ventures is made up of AI-generated people (Midjourney) and content (Chat GPT4), combined with a bit of snark inspired by the countless VC webpages that Rebekah Bastian has been perusing lately. 

BUT... if you're looking for a super-fun founder friend that's just as deliriously-jaded as you are, you're in luck! Rebekah is all-too-real and easy to connect with! 

For Investors... 

If you're feeling made fun of by this website, then there's a good chance OwnTrail isn't the right fit for you. And that's ok! 

But if you're like "Wow, this founder totally gets it. I want to dismantle the ridiculousness of venture capital too!" then we should chat! ❤️